Breitling Chronomat 41 (CB0140AABA53728P)

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  • Name:Chronomat 41
  • Dial:Black
  • Movement:Automatic
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Breitling Chronomat 41 (CB0140AABA53728P)
Retail:$355.00 Your Price:$258.00

Breitling CB0140AABA53728P Information:


  • Bezel:60-0 (Pilot)
  • Glass:Sapphire
  • Back:Closed
  • Shape:Round
  • Diameter:41.00 mm
  • W_R:300.00 m


  • Color:Black
  • Indexes:Stick / Dot


  • Column wheel chronograph movement with vertical clutch.
  • Type:Automatic
  • Brand:Breitling
  • Caliber:B01
  • Display:Analog
  • Jewels:47
  • Reserve:70 h
  • Frequency:28800 bph
  • Time:Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds
  • Date:Date
  • Chronograph:Chronograph, Column wheel
  • Additionals:Chronometer

Breitling CB0140AABA53728P Watch Description:

Power. Performance. Precision. The Chronomat 41 combines an exceptional fuselage with the selfwinding chronograph Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01 “motor”, chronometer-certified by the COSC – as indeed are all the brand’s movements. The 41 mm diameter of its sleekly curved case makes it suitable for all wrist sizes. It is equipped with a screw-locked crown and pushpieces as well as substantial protective control guards. This aviation chronograph is available in steel, steel & rose gold or rose gold versions with a broad choice of dials and straps or bracelets

Breitling Chronomat 41 (CB0140AABA53728P)

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    Do you think a small brand still has a chance of surviving today?

    With great difficulty! Brands today must become global, and those that confine themselves to just a few markets in a globalised market are really struggling. This even applies to niche brands, because niches are getting smaller and smaller. These very peripheral slots tended to attract a very particular profile of consumers from Asia, Eastern European countries or the Middle East, who bought things that were essentially rare and expensive, but the latter are now adopting more rational behaviour and some of their buying power is going on brands that are technically advanced yet fully recognised, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Lange & Söhne, Blancpain and others. Compared to individual artisans whose eponymous brands run the risk of disappearing with their creator, these brands represent sustainable values and offer after-sales service as well as greater guarantees of still being around in a few decades. It used to be said that “a 100 million-franc turnover gives you a worldwide profile”, but for my part I think that the global existential threshold is currently at around 500 million. So effectively you need a presence in 50 countries, or in other words, sales amounting to 10 million per country, which is not much for countries such as China, the USA or Japan. If we are to believe the watchmaking ranking produced by Bank Vontobel, there are just 18 Swiss watchmaking brands whose annual sales exceed CHF 500 million. So that’s my view of the market.

    What winning assets does Hublot have up its sleeve in comparison to its competitors?

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    Have you been able to measure the impact of the football World Cup that you sponsored?

    Definitely, especially since we were already the timekeepers at the Euro in 2008, the World Cup in 2010 and the Euro in 2012! The famous Hublot ‘fourth official’ board is therefore appearing for the fourth time. And the FIFA World Cup is none other than the number one televised event worldwide, ahead of the Olympic Games and the European Cup, the third most important. We have sponsored the first and third greatest events televised in the world twice! The returns are huge! Even if this does not immediately translate into watch sales, it increases brand awareness and it is obvious that a well-known brand has more chance of selling watches than an unknown brand. Do you realise that the World Cup in South Africa was watched 36 billion times for example, and its Brazilian counterpart 40 billion. So people saw Hublot 40 billion times for an average of 25 seconds per match – that is enormous!

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  • Pierre Deroche - The Story of a couple…

    In mechanics, the moment of force is predetermined. For the initiated, it is a logical and tangible sequence, for amateurs pure mechanical magic. But ‘couple’ can also refer to a shared life. The same parameters, the same actions, but the alchemy is all the more beautiful for being so rare.
    it begins elsewhere: the rotor produces the energy and winds the mainspring. That is where the power lies! The gears start turning and drive one another. The first rotation; the first vibration. The hours and minutes engage. But at Pierre DeRoche things are otherwise; this system would be too easy. What is their secret? The seconds! It is the arithmetic of the Royal Retro – 6 x 10 – that makes the difference.
    of Pierre & Carole could also have been like any other. But it was love at first sight. They had attended the same school in the Vallée de Joux, but a difference in age kept them apart. Everything changed one evening in Le Lieu. She was 18, he 23; they met and everything fell into place. They had the impression that they had always known each other. And they have been together ever since. Their compatibility became their strength and hastened what followed.

    The perfect combination? Watchmakers are constantly seeking it, experimenting and testing parts – as well as their talent. Relationships between couples are also seriously tested, laying bare their different personalities and interactions. But there will always be an element of mystery that is beyond comprehension but on which harmony depends… and which makes the mechanics of the relationship so unique.
    theorems, principles, axioms. In watchmaking, the projection is measured, calculated, uncompromising. The fundamental feature for ensuring that Pierre DeRoche complication evokes wonder whenever it is seen: a minute is measured by a relay of six retrograde seconds hands. Its secret is revealed through the absence of a dial… A carrier, like a central force, drives – over six 10-second periods each – a series of wheels that activate a rack. Pivoting on a ruby, the rack acts on the strip spring, which becomes taut as it moves slightly. It resists for ten seconds before the carrier lets go. The retrograde seconds hand then returns to its original position and passes the baton on to the next one. And so on.
    is impossible to theorise. It has this strange habit of springing surprises. On the surface, nothing hinted at the amazing story to come. Carole was a laboratory assistant, then a stay-at-home mother for twelve years. An immersion in the world of the Dubois, however, and an entrepreneurial spirit drew her into the world of horology. Nine years after the brand was launched, she is now truly passionate about it and in charge of communication and press relations. Pierre’s passion is even more palpable. At the Dubois, watchmaking is in the soul and passed down from father to son. For four generations, the family business of Dubois-Dépraz designed and manufactured complications for leading brands. Founder and CEO, he has always enjoyed nurturing the science of the measurement of time. Pierre and Carole share a passion for watchmaking and for Pierre DeRoche. Thirty years together, twenty-seven in marriage, with three children and a heritage to preserve; it is together or nothing. But there is also a certain « je-ne-sais-quoi » about the couple which, like a watch mechanism, divides them, reunites them, inspires them, helps them to love each other and face the future together.
    Mechanical watches, either feminine or masculine, have become very popular and desirable. The case, whether it unveils its secrets or not, reveals its character in all its complexity. And what shape will this interaction between the couple take, this tension between lovers, this energy of virtuosos?
    The complication clearly has its own character, but has not yet become a genre. The absence of a dial gives greater impact to the movement. A steel, titanium or gold case, with red-tipped blued hands and visible or sapphire bridges, a unique equation brought together in a powerful, sporty, elegant, masculine middle. The small, diamond-set poetic and floral touches that decorate the bridge and the red and white hands give the piece a very feminine character. But when the bezel is dressed in rubber, well, that’s another story. There is a timepiece for every taste.
    that reveals personality, it is design. Major aesthetic choices are decided – after considerable discussion – on a mutual basis. Pierre loves a sporty style, while Carole is more contemporary in her tastes. She has gained considerable experience since she began, but her freshness makes her more intuitive and intrepid. It is the details that test their convictions. The width of a hand, the dimensions of a case, a particular colour or the stitching on a strap generally provoque animated, but always constructive discussions. She has good taste and is determined, vivacious and well-organised; he is passionately dedicated, unselfish and protective. Two very strong characters. The finishing, therefore, becomes a prism of their emotions and their temperaments, of the couple itself. In their relations, Pierre is more direct and uncompromising, never losing sight of his dreams and fiercely tenacious. Carole likes to discuss things to impose her ideas and, when there is an impasse, she resorts to charm. The couple? A gentle mixture of laughter and interaction. A glance is all they need to understand each other! For them, being a couple is a day-to-day affair. A lively and tender relationship, tactile, emotional and calculating: a playground!
    The watch story will continue, and so will Pierre & Carole’s. Each will cultivate their secret garden. Carole is involved in politics and devotes time to a foundation, Pierre is president of a bank, providing them with a breath of fresh air before plunging back into the day-to-day life of watchmaking and their children. The couple are progressing, both professionally with Pierre DeRoche and privately. Both have grown with the brand and that is where they see their future. Pierre will continue to design complications and gauge the markets, while Carole will express her creativity, her more artistic inclinations. There is no guidebook because, when all is said and done, in mechanics as well as love, couples can express themselves in an infinite variety of ways.
    Our story, our brand, our passion. Pierre & Carole Dubois

Replica Breitling CB0140AABA53728P Watch Reviews

  • Breitling Chronomat 41 (CB0140AABA53728P)

    all went well thanks, i love the Breitling watch.DKNLAST - From Ukraina Kremecnhug

  • Breitling Chronomat 41 (CB0140AABA53728P)

    the Breitling Chronomat 41 (CB0140AABA53728P) watch face is too little, chain wont stay straight keeps turning so waited too long to look at watch so am stuck with it.Gino Charest - From Georgia Akhalkalaki

  • Breitling Chronomat 41 (CB0140AABA53728P)

    Unfortunately, although I really like the appearance of this watch, the wristband is huge and stiff and so it's way too big. I'm still trying to figure out if there's some way to make it fit...Matt Stark - From Espana Bilbao

  • Breitling Chronomat 41 (CB0140AABA53728P)

    This is an absolutely beautiful piece of jewelry it looks so expensive and real worth every penny. I have bought many watches from HSN this is a keeper.yvonne westman - From United Kingdom Miami

  • Breitling Chronomat 41 (CB0140AABA53728P)

    This Breitling Chronomat watch is really different, it is pretty to look at and of course for this price I love it. I actually pd 74.00 and HSN quickly gave me a 30.00 credit. Great Service.F.E.B. GmbH - From United State San Francisco

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