Breitling Chronomat 44 (IB011012.A698.375A)

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  • Name:Chronomat 44
  • Dial:Mother of pearl
  • Movement:Automatic
  • Watch Label:Swiss Made
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Breitling Chronomat 44 (IB011012.A698.375A)
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Breitling IB011012.A698.375A Information:


  • Bezel:60-0 (Pilot)
  • Glass:Sapphire
  • Back:Closed
  • Shape:Round
  • Diameter:44.00 mm
  • W_R:500.00 m


  • Color:Mother of pearl
  • Indexes:Diamond index


  • Column wheel chronograph movement with vertical clutch.
  • Type:Automatic
  • Brand:Breitling
  • Caliber:B01
  • Display:Analog
  • Jewels:47
  • Reserve:70 h
  • Frequency:28800 bph
  • Time:Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds
  • Date:Date
  • Chronograph:Chronograph, Column wheel
  • Additionals:Chronometer

Breitling IB011012.A698.375A Watch Description:

Breitling Chronomat 44

With the Chronomat 44, Breitling has created a second and highly exclusive version of its leading Chronomat model, which is asserting itself more strongly than ever as the benchmark among mechanical chronographs. This top-notch instrument is equipped with Caliber 01, the first movement entirely developed and produced in-house. A reliable, sturdy and accurate motor brilliantly embodying the philosophy of Breitling chronographs – and as such naturally chronometer-certified. The Chronomat 44 also stands out for the strong character of its masterfully reinterpreted design. From the overall lines to the smallest finishing detail, it reveals a concern for aesthetic sophistication and luxury that place it in a league of its own within the world of chronographs. The unidirectional rotating bezel is adorned with exclusive engraved numerals. The dials, available in hour-marker or Roman numeral versions, display their information with exemplary clarity enhanced by a clever play on colors, materials and depth effects. As an authentic Breitling “instrument for professionals”, the Chronomat 44 is also built to face the most extreme conditions. Its construction affords excellent protection against impacts and its water resistance to 500 meters (1,660 ft) represents a performance worthy of a professional diver’s watch.

REF: IB011012.A698.375A

Breitling Chronomat 44 (IB011012.A698.375A)

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    Lettres du Brassus - N°09

    “Today is Monday, the 31st of January”. That is how people customarily recite a full calendar date. Why is it then that watches customarily don't express or display a date in that way? All too often the date is found in one part of the dial display, the day of the week somewhere else and the month in yet a third place. Disjointed.
    Deconstructed if you will. “31” “Monday” “January”. Oh all the information is found on the dial, it's just not arranged as you would say it. Blancpain set out to change that with its Villeret Annual Calendar GMT. All of the date indications are grouped together on the right side of the dial, stacked as you would speak them, day of the week on top, date below, month on the bottom.
    Beyond the logic of its arrangement of the date indications in the order in which most would think and speak of them, this new Villeret offers the convenience of an annual calendar. In terms of functionality, an annual calendar nearly equals that of a perpetual calendar in that it accounts for the months which have 30 days. Thus, for all of the months except February, this annual calendar will automatically advance to the first of the next month at the conclusion of the preceding month, regardless of that month's length. This is precisely the benefit derived from a full perpetual calendar. The only departure from the perpetual is that this new annual calendar does not keep track of leap years, which remains the unique province of perpetual. Thus, one time per year, at the end of the month of February, the annual calendar requires the intervention of the owner to advance the watch to the first of March. With that sole exception, all of the “goodness” of a perpetual calendar is found in this new annual model.

    Even the exception for the month of February, when a manual advance of the calendar is required, is facilitated with the Villeret Annual Calendar GMT. This is because Blancpain's new timepiece is equipped with Blancpain's exclusive under lug correctors. Whereas the industry norm requires use of a tool to push a corrector located in the sidewalls of the case when a calendar indication is to be set, Blancpain's patented under lug correctors can be manipulated with a finger tip. When the end of February rolls around, in place of a frantic search for that correction tool, the owner simply pushes on the under lug corrector for the date, and the watch is set for another full year, until the next end of February. Moreover, since these easily operated correctors are nestled under the lugs of the watch, the case sides are perfectly clean, unmarred by the usual corrector dimples used by others.

    As the name suggests there is even more functionality beyond the annual calendar which has been incorporated into this new Villeret movement, that of a time zone or GMT watch. The dial offers two time displays. Conventional large hour and minute hands and a subdial with a 24 hour indication. The large hour hand can be advanced or retarded in one hour jumps via the crown while the 24 hour hand remains unchanged. This allows for easy setting of the large time display to a new local time zone (presuming that the owner has traveled across time zones and wants to have the watch set to the new local time) leaving the 24 subdial to read home time. This is the perfect arrangement for travelers who want to read local time easily and have a ready reference for home time.
    If you are a discerning connoisseur, a question should begin bubbling up in your consciousness. “What happens to the annual calendar when the local time is advanced through midnight?” And, if you are really steeped in the watchmaking art, here should be one other question which pops to mind. Generally speaking complicated calendar mechanisms cannot be turned backwards, so the question would be “What happens to the annual calendar date when the local time is not advanced, but turned backwards past midnight?”
    These are more than questions about the design of the movement and how the complex annual calendar and the GMT functions are integrated, they speak to the utility of the timepiece as a travel companion. In the same way that a well designed travel watch should prominently display the local time with the principal time hands, it should also display the local date. This way the watch operates as a “normal” timepiece in the new time zone where the owner has traveled. What one wants to know is the time and date in the current location. Blancpain has always provided this functionality in its Villeret and Leman GMT watches as well in its Leman and L-evolution Réveil watches (and offers this functionality in the new Villeret Half Time Zone watches). The date display in all of those Blancpains has been linked to local time and, if local time is advanced or retarded through midnight, the date moves forwards and backwards appropriately.

    This logical linking of the date to local time changes becomes orders of magnitude more challenging to enable when the date indication is made part of a complex calendar such as an annual calendar. As a general rule, advancement of a complicated calendar through linkage to another mechanism such as a GMT is difficult. Retardation of such a calendar, that is to say turning its indications backwards, is extremely difficult.
    How difficult? Difficult enough that no annual calendar/GMT combination with the calendar linked to local time has ever been produced before Blancpain's debut of this new Villeret model. One other annual calendar/GMT watch has been offered by another brand, but it simply avoided the challenges of designing its calendar to go forward and backwards by not linking the calendar to the GMT mechanism (local time) and leaving it simply as a date display for home time, which, of course, does not advance or retard with changes in the local time. Blancpain, thus, has achieved a world first with the Villeret Annual Calendar GMT with its forwards and backwards operating calendar linked to the local time of the GMT mechanism.
    Enhancing the usefulness of the Annual GMT as a travel companion is its automatic twin mainspring barrel winding base caliber. It offers a full 72 hours of power reserve. A hand finished gold guilloche decorated winding rotor visually contrasts with the hand finished movement, all visible through the sapphire case back.
    Of course, as a member of the Villeret collection the guilloche style dial has applied gold Roman numerals matching the color of the 40 mm case. It will be offered in white gold or red gold.

  • De Bethune - Tourbillon Regulator DB25T

    The finest way of paying tribute to authentic traditions is by transcending them. De Bethune reinvents the spirit of the tourbillon in a manner such as Abraham-Louis Breguet may have dreamed of, but by taking it to a level of aesthetic and technical incandescence that goes well beyond the known limits of horological kinetics.

    A word of technical explication: Abraham-Louis Breguet devised the tourbillon mechanism in order to create a dynamic kind of escapement that was lacking because of the static manner in which pocket-watches and marine chronometers were worn in a waistcoat or placed on the deck of a ship. Wristwatches enjoy a far more active life, which subjects watch movements to chaotic displacements and energy transfers that bear no comparison with those experienced by historical pocket-watches.
    De Bethune thus undertook to rethink the tourbillon around this new wristwatch dynamic. The laws of physics are implacable: in order to compensate for the disorganised violence of wrist movements, the carriage must be as light as possible with as high a frequency as possible and a maximum rotation speed for a minimum mass and inertia. Thanks to new technologies, De Bethune has therefore created a silicon-titanium tourbillon in a 0.18 g carriage spinning once every thirty seconds at its axis, and a balance oscillating at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. This carriage is the lightest on the market (classic counterparts weigh four times as much) and comprises 50 parts, of which the lightest weighs less than 0.0001 grams and the “heaviest” 0.0276 grams!

    Denis Flageollet, the brand's watch designer, wished to revived the traditions of the golden age of horology by endowing this movement with the soul and the majesty of the grand historical regulators or yesteryear. The choice of “jumping seconds” was a natural means of marking off time in noble style. He therefore created, in the style of the regulator timepieces created by the greatest master-watchmakers of the past, a seconds display at the centre of the watch, along with a double lever with four pallets to orchestrate the gold double wheel of this “jumping seconds” display. The result is an impressive mechanical ballet that is rendered technically feasible by the use of new technologies, and which is bound to move the hearts and minds of all devotees of classic mechanical watchmaking. The pared-down formal approach to the components features simplicity where needed and complexity where due. The light, airy style is undergirded by deeply thought-out ideas. The fascinating gyration of the tourbillon carriage is matched by the steady, ample beat of the seconds. This model epitomises the very foundations of horological emotions and a form of absolute and uncompromising beauty.
    This masterpiece is revealed only on the back of the watch, to genuine connoisseurs capable of comprehending its passionately subtle features, and also of appreciating the inner power and beauty of the fired-blue hand-crafted titanium dial studded with golden stars like the night sky, along with the evocation of the most famous 18th century clocks through the hour and minute ring in a sterling silver that is destined to acquire a sublime patina over the years.

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  • Breitling Chronomat 44 (IB011012.A698.375A)

    One power seller! The Breitling Chronomat watch is A++Kristy Shiers - From Hungary Dunaharaszti

  • Breitling Chronomat 44 (IB011012.A698.375A)

    I must say it looks really elegant and certainly worth the price. I also suggest the same watch in a gold finish would be a good option for those who like to have multiple color choices in addition to decent look.Brandi G - From Italia Verona

  • Breitling Chronomat 44 (IB011012.A698.375A)

    I HAVE SEEN ALOT OF Breitling Chronomat 44 (IB011012.A698.375A) WATCHES, BUT THIS ONE IS ONE OF THE SLEEKEST AND COMFORTABLE WATCHES AVAILABLEDayra S - From United States Washington

  • Breitling Chronomat 44 (IB011012.A698.375A)

    very pleased with item.Pedro Gaete - From Sweden Rostanga

  • Breitling Chronomat 44 (IB011012.A698.375A)

    A great value - a very sophisticated "evening" watch. Very dressy and elegant.Becky Reiley - From Indonesia Lumajang

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