Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3970 (3970R_Breguet.)

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    Grand Complications
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    Patek Philippe
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  • Name:Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3970
  • Case:Pink gold
  • Dial:Silver
  • Movement:Handwound
  • Watch Label:Swiss Made
  • Produced:2006 - 2006
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    Watches Shop
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Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3970 (3970R_Breguet.)
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Patek Philippe 3970R_Breguet. Information:


  • Material:Pink gold
  • Glass:Sapphire
  • Back:Open
  • Shape:Round
  • Diameter:36.00 mm


  • Color:Silver
  • Indexes:Arabic numerals
  • Hands:Breguet


  • Based on a Nouvelle Lemania ebauche, the CH 27-70 Q powered the iconic references 3970 and 5970. With added rattrapante function (CHR 27-70 Q) it also served in the much-coveted 5004. It was the last of the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph movements not to be fully in-house.
  • Type:Handwound
  • Brand:Patek Philippe
  • Caliber:CH 27-70 Q
  • Base:Lemania 2310
  • Display:Analog
  • Diameter:30.00 mm
  • Jewels:24
  • Reserve:60 h
  • Frequency:18000 bph
  • Time:Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Day / Night Indication
  • Date:Date, Day, Leap Year, Month, Perpetual Calendar
  • Chronograph:Chronograph, Column wheel

Patek Philippe 3970R_Breguet. Watch Description:

The present example is a rare version of the 3970R fitted with a silver dial with Breguet numerals, dramatically changing the looks of this icon.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3970 (3970R_Breguet.)

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  • SIHH - The Year of the Minute Repeater

    WORLDTEMPUS - 21 February 2013
    If anyone counted the number of complicated men's watches by specialty unveiled at the 2013 SIHH, he or she would discover that, again, the tourbillon, alone or accompanied by other complications, was king among the majority of the 16 exhibiting brands, closely followed by the ever-popular chronograph. Nevertheless, and although Abraham-Louis Breguet's invention continues to fascinate, it may well be that it is becoming a victim of its own success. The increasing dominance of new and powerful emerging markets along with the buying power of their discerning high-net-worth individuals are increasingly demanding other and more exclusive complications: the minute repeater seems to be the next logical step.
    Five of the 16 exhibiting brands – A. Lange & Söhne, Audemars Piguet, Piaget, Parmigiani and Roger Dubuis – seem to agree. A. Lange & Söhne and Piaget presented their first ever wristwatches with the rare capability of announcing the time sonorously by the striking of hammers on metal gongs. Lange and Audemars Piguet even went further into complexity by introducing grand complications, a designation traditionally attributed to timepieces including a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar and a rattrapante chronograph. Particularly the historical maker from Glashütte was on a quest to prove that it is capable of honoring its outstanding history and decided to add additional features to a complication that was generally accepted as the highlight of the 2013 SIHH. All in all, due to their overall importance and mechanical relevance, these six timepieces – along with whatever surprises Baselworld will reveal in April – may well confirm 2013 as the year of the minute repeater.

    A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Grand Complication
    The piece that everyone was talking about, but that very few saw in the metal, was even more impressive than the giant model that served as a talking piece at the entrance to Lange's booth at the SIHH. Out of the seven functions included in this rare timepiece inspired by the outstanding Reference 42500 pocket watch from 1902, three were acoustic time indications. The minute repeater function on this particular piece is accompanied by a grand sonnerie, a petite sonnerie and a large or small strike with an additional slide button for silence or strike mode. Another very rare feature that is practically unheard-of on this particular kind of extremely complicated wristwatch is the foudroyante display, which divides every second counted by the mono pusher chronograph into 5 parts. On the 1815 Grande Complication, the foudroyante second hand shares a space with the magnificent moon phase indication in what remains one of the most striking visual aspects of this historically significant piece.

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Grande Complication
    Following the Grande Complication introduced among the 40th anniversary collection of the Royal Oak during the 2012 SIAR in Mexico, the maker from Le Brassus decided that the 2013 SIHH was the right place to present the Offshore version of this technological marvel. Housed inside a massive 44 mm pink gold or titanium case, Caliber 2885 requires the full extent of its 648 parts to coordinate the inner workings of perpetual calendar, rattrapante chronograph and minute repeater. This is a set of complications for which Audemars Piguet is well known for and to prove it the brand had a probably unique and rare collection of 12 pocket watches and 4 wristwatches from 1882 to 2012 on display.

    Audemars Piguet Tradition Tourbillon Minute Repeater Chronograph
    Like it or not, the Tradition line is, along with the Jules Audemars collection, the ambassador of classicism within Audemars Piguet's offerings. This year, a case inspired by a 1920s cushion-shaped pocket watch belonging to its private museum protects the 504-part Caliber 2874 boosting a tourbillon, a chronograph and, of course, a minute repeater striking on two gongs. The result is the Tradition Tourbillon Minute Repeater Chronograph, produced in two ten-piece limited editions: one in pink and white gold and the other in titanium and white gold.
    Parmigiani Toric Quaestor Labyrinthe
    Pamigiani Fleurier explained that under the subtle shades of jade green, the Toric Quaestor Labyrinthe contains a minute repeater that uses several special design features to produce an exceptionally pure melody. Additional fixing points within the integrated movement assure greater stability, and a small piece located just below the chime that links the pawl of the chime to the case ensures that it is perfectly secured, allowing the sound to reverberate without any interference from the vibrations. On the other hand, the unusual presence of a flywheel ensures a constant supply of energy to the spring and allows the minute repeater to operate without any mechanical humming. Finally, the generously sized platinum case is designed to provide acoustics that allow the sound waves to oscillate at the best frequencies.

    Piaget Emperador Coussin XL Minute Repeater
    In a certain way, Calibre 1290P is the next natural evolutionary step from the innovative design of 2011's ultra-thin tourbillon Caliber 1270P used in the Emperador Coussin XL. The first in-house minute repeater in the history of Piaget also sets a double record for slenderness in its category: 4.8 mm for its caliber, and 9.4 mm for its case, despite its 407 parts. Pushing the limits of ultra-thin horology led to certain construction choices, such as the decision to display the hammers on the bridge side or to reverse the repeater slide device, which is pushed downward rather than upward. According to Piaget, the technical feats stemming from a double record for the thinness of its movement and case in no way overshadow the essential quality of the watch: its fabulous acoustics.

    Roger Dubuis Hommage Minute Repeater
    Finally, Roger Dubuis released a beautiful minute repeater that was somewhat overshadowed by the unveiling of the brand's spectacular Quatuor multi-balance timepiece. Part of the Hommage collection intended to reflect the admiration of the brand for founder Roger Dubuis, the model combines sublimely elegant mechanisms. Caliber RD808, an automatic mechanical movement with a double micro rotor in platinum, incorporates a minute repeater with a centrifugal sound diffuser. Produced in a limited series of eight pieces, the 45 mm pink gold case combines with an openworked dial that reveals the movement and the beauty of its flying tourbillon positioned at 5:30.

  • Richard Mille - Mille Bravos, The making of

    Daniel Féau - Le Magazine
    How did the RM saga start?
    RM: At first I worked for various watch brands from Matra to Yema to the Mauboussin brothers on Place Vendôme. I already knew Laurent Picciotto then. He's a big name, recognised worldwide for his outstanding knowledge of luxury watches. Laurent only makes commitments when he wants to. He's a “mercenary” in the trade but everybody in the profession respects him. Laurent has taken risks and built up an international clientele that knows he can offer them models and advice they won't fi nd anyplace else. We began having casual chats about a future watch model I was vaguely starting to think about and that gradually took shape over the course of several work sessions. Then we decided to start an adventure together and create the watch we argued over so much.

    : When Richard came to see me to say he was going to set up his brand, I told him he was crazy and that it wouldn't work unless he created a brand that would go beyond anything that exists, with a goal of genuine excellence. He replied that was exactly what he had in mind. His idea was to create a drastically different tourbillon right from the start. That's how it all started. Our approach was very different from the directions usually taken in watchmaking. We started working on the RM 001 in my “cellar office”.
    When Richard went to see R&P and explained what he wanted to do, they liked the idea right away because they saw it as a particularly exciting, incredible technical challenge enabling them to work on an extraordinary object without setting aside their watchmaking ingenuity, know-how and creativity. There was no turning back.
    The watch was dazzling but extremely expensive compared to market prices, but turning back would have been a compromise. Nothing would have been less effective for an exceptional object.
    RM: Coming up with a reasonable business plan was the next step.

    : We had 250 promises to buy on our first day in Geneva. That was due to the piece's excellence and specialness. We delivered 43 watches the fi rst year.
    Could you define a typical RM customer?
    RM: Somebody who already knows watches and is clearly looking for something different.
    LP: Just as people don't buy a racecar when purchasing their fi rst automobile, they don't buy an RM as their fi rst watch. It's a timepiece for mature buyers. When customers “test drive” an RM it's hard for them to turn back. Some people have almost the whole collection.
    Customers don't come to see me for a lecture course. It's more like recess and I feel like a toy salesman.
    There's a rumour going around that you're planning to sell RM.
    RM: I've always felt that having fun is the most important thing. I like my close bond with Laurent and with my friend and partner Dominique. Our state of mind is the same as it was in the beginning, a thousand miles away from working sessions and endless meetings. We take our time. Our collaboration is a melting pot of ideas mixing technique and architecture, even though everything is normalised later of course. Very few models eventually come out. I don't notice the time fl ying by.
    What is your position on the sale of your watches on the second market (series limited to 50 pieces)?
    RM: I've made 7,000 watches since 2000. And few are on the market even during this economic slump.
    LP: The RM 009 has never been sold at auctions or by vendors; otherwise I would've bought one!
    RM: Most of our customers buy art works. The “Mille” has a real artistic dimension.
    LP: Not all brands can claim the aesthetic aspect. For many, marketing predominates, but that does not stir up much emotion.
    Why is there a RM 010 Black?Together: “Men in black!”
    RM: The 30 RM 011 Black Chronopassion Felipe Massa timepieces have been very successful.
    LP: We thought we'd be creating a very special piece by making a black RM 010 with a blue superluminova index and hands. When I saw the prototype I said to myself “I want one!”
    RM: I am Laurent's slave. Whatever he says goes! This watch is a three-dimensional piece. Black is the most becoming colour for it. The satiny finish, micro-trim, layering effects with different tones, everything is as subtle as in “haute couture”. The rotor is a marvel of tints; all the materials are different, gold, titanium...

    What led you to choose Chronopassion as the point of sale?
    RM: Real luxury is working with people you like!
    LP: I develop limited series with several brands but three or four years ago we viewed the issue from a political angle. The only two times this process was zapped was with Jean Claude Biver for Hublot and Richard Mille. Everything was fast, wild and instinctive.
    RM: Laurent is a rebel! We went very fast, but small is beautiful! If we like something we dive in headfi rst. Independence is what gives us that strength.
    LP: That's the benefit of “small is beautiful”. You have to work and have fun at the same time. In a world that has become impersonal, the ideal situation would be the brand's owner becoming partners with the retailer.
    RM: Any other brand would have said “we have a boutique on Place Vendôme, why do that with LP?”
    LP: We don't deny that dimension, on the contrary! I thank Richard for clarifying that point. Construction depends on a community of partners, ambassadors.
    RM: Missionaries!
    An advertisement showing the maker and the retailer? The “Mille Bravos” slogan?
    RM: Laurent mentioned the idea and it took me three seconds to say yes. I would have been bored working on this project with anybody else. I feel proud and honoured that he did it with me.
    LP: “Mille Bravos” laid the groundwork and enabled others to create their watchmaking businesses. Thanks to Mille because we work and enjoy ourselves at the same time. 
    Knowing your interest in the topic, what's your defi nition of marketing for RM?
    RM: The absence of marketing! When I started I should have done a market study but instead I made a list of “pros” and “cons”. The result was a page of “cons” and three lines of “pros”. The deliberate decision to forego marketing has become an asset.
    LP: Non-marketing has become marketing!
    RM: The anti-marketing approach is a clinical promise with clinical elements and three parts: the most innovative technology; the best architecture with an artistic dimension; the best of watchmaking culture. Unlike many brands, everything is done by hand.
    LP: Cost is in last place, unlike with conventional watchmakers.
    RM: Price has become an essential sales component, but not out of provocation! At fi rst I had to argue with the advertising agency to let the ads show the price. I'm actually at war with the idea of perceived value. Let's take the example of the 29-gram aluminiumsilicon- carbon (ALUSIC) RM 009, which was the total opposite of everything that had been done until then. As inconceivable as it might seem, the price was inversely proportional to the weight.
    LP: The materials matter as much as watchmaking know-how. And yet creating a watch like this would have given even NASA a headache.

    Do you think your career might inspire people seeking the same success?

    : Richard Mille has enabled brands such as Urwerk, Max Busser and Bethune to emerge and young people like Lionel Ladoire to have self-confi dence, break out of the watchmaking straightjacket and design and make watches in a different way.
    RM: The guardians of the temple would have burnt me at the stake at the time!
    LP: Nobody acknowledges RM's work today but many people aren't sincere. They take the easy way out.
    RM: I did what others didn't want to do. But you can't make people happy against their will.
    LP: “Mille Bravos.

Replica Patek Philippe 3970R_Breguet. Watch Reviews

  • Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3970 (3970R_Breguet.)

    The Patek Philippe watch did not look as large and heavy in the picture as it actually is. It seems to work fine and my husband uses it for a work watch.Brittany A Morgan - From De Martino Napoli

  • Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3970 (3970R_Breguet.)

    AAAAAAAAA+++++++++++elizabeth hunt - From Germany M?rfelden

  • Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3970 (3970R_Breguet.)

    I bought this Patek Philippe Grand Complications watch in blue. I adore it. I then bought it in the pink. The delicate color of pink with the design of the snakes threw me off. I returned it. The workmanship on this item is superb.Ricke G - From Canada Blainville

  • Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3970 (3970R_Breguet.)

    I love my Patek Philippe watch face that can be interchangable with other bands. It fits in with just about everythingjustin audet - From USA Mableton

  • Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 3970 (3970R_Breguet.)

    its great and very stylist everyone always gives me compliments on it. =)Michele Dobrzynski - From Us Philadelphia

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