Patek Philippe Skeleton 5180 (5180/1G-010)

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    Patek Philippe
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  • Name:Skeleton 5180
  • Case:White gold
  • Dial:Skeleton
  • Movement:Automatic
  • Watch Label:Swiss Made
  • Produced:2008/4
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    Watches Shop
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Patek Philippe Skeleton 5180 (5180/1G-010)
Retail:$274.00 Your Price:$238.00

Patek Philippe 5180/1G-010 Information:


  • Material:White gold
  • Glass:Sapphire
  • Back:Open
  • Shape:Round
  • Diameter:39.00 mm
  • W_R:30.00 m


  • Color:Skeleton
  • Indexes:Stick / Dot
  • Hands:Feuille


  • Skeleton movement with hand-engraved decoration and 22K gold off-center mini-rotor.
  • Type:Automatic
  • Brand:Patek Philippe
  • Caliber:240 SQU
  • Base:Patek Philippe 240
  • Display:Analog
  • Diameter:27.50 mm
  • Jewels:27
  • Reserve:48 h
  • Frequency:21600 bph
  • Time:Hours, Minutes
  • Additionals:Skeleton

Patek Philippe 5180/1G-010 Watch Description:

Ever since the dawn of horology, people have been fascinated by the interaction of wheels, levers, and springs in timepieces. Therefore, it is not surprising that gifted watchmakers occasionally took a fancy to showcasing the wondrous inner choreography of their creations – much to the delight of their customers. These were the origins of skeleton watches, the challenging art of cutting openings into plates, bridges, and cocks until the limits of mechanical and functional feasibility are attained. The Patek Philippe Ref. 5180/1 salutes this fine art in a way that by far transcends the notion of the skeleton watch.

Patek Philippe Skeleton 5180 (5180/1G-010)

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  • Patek Philippe Skeleton 5180 (5180/1G-010)

    good service,nice color and the price is right.Sergio Crespo Arce - From U.S.A Spartanburg

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    Great vendorJeanne Brown-Busch - From United States Fairlawn

  • Patek Philippe Skeleton 5180 (5180/1G-010)

    With the suggested retail price of this Patek Philippe Complications watch I expected a classy watch. It looked cheaper than nice Timex or Bulava. It had a heavy look and shiny gold plated finish. I sent it back.Nancy Gill - From Spain Santander. Cantabria

  • Patek Philippe Skeleton 5180 (5180/1G-010)

    The Patek Philippe Skeleton 5180 (5180/1G-010) watch came as adverstised, Great value. Would do it again.Carol Newman - From Brasil Duque De Caxias

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