Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph 5959R (5959R-001)

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    Grand Complications
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    Patek Philippe
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  • Name:Split-Seconds Chronograph 5959R
  • Case:Rose Gold
  • Dial:Black
  • Movement:Handwound
  • Watch Label:Swiss Made
  • Produced:2016
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    Watches Shop
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Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph 5959R (5959R-001)
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Patek Philippe 5959R-001 Information:


  • Material:Rose Gold
  • Glass:Sapphire
  • Back:Open
  • Shape:Cushion
  • Diameter:33.00 mm
  • Lug Width:16.00 mm
  • W_R:30.00 m


  • Color:Black
  • Indexes:Arabic numerals
  • Hands:Poire


  • Ultra-thin mechanical manually wound movement with split-seconds function. Total of 252 parts. Patek's first in-house chronograph movement; debuted in the 2005 5959P.
  • Type:Handwound
  • Brand:Patek Philippe
  • Caliber:CHR 27-525 PS
  • Display:Analog
  • Diameter:27.30 mm
  • Jewels:27
  • Reserve:48 h
  • Frequency:21600 bph
  • Time:Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds
  • Chronograph:Chronograph, Column wheel, Rattrapante

Patek Philippe 5959R-001 Watch Description:

At 33mm, the Patek 5959P is a discrete pleasure. Small in diameter but grandiose in terms of movement: cal. CHR 27-525 is one of the thinnest column wheel chronographs ever made, features a split-seconds complication and is Patek's first in-house chronograph movement.

The 5959R-001, introduced at BaselWorld 2016, features a rose gold case and a black dial.

Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph 5959R (5959R-001)

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    Design of hands
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    This department is staffed by highly specialised female employees. They know intuitively the time needed to oxidise a specific type of hand to the desired colour. If the required shade is not obtained straight away, the batch is lost in its entirety. Absolute exactitude is therefore de rigueur in this manufacturing process.

    Rigorous organisation
    Every stage in the production of hands calls for rigorous organisation, ensuring close supervision and compliance with delivery times (between 4 and 16 weeks, all types of products and customers included). To tell working groups apart, every employee wears overalls specific to his or her department (yellow for the gold sector, red for steel, green for individually diamond-polished hands and blue for the industrial sector). However a common bond unites everyone working in Universo workshops: meticulous attention to detail and pride in an expertise ranging from the design of mass produced components to the craftsmanship of individual, superior quality parts.

    Some key figures
    Universo holds around 65% of the Swiss market for the production of hands and therefore remains the undisputed leader in this field. In terms of product segmentation (gold, brass, steel), the firm is active in all areas. Approximately 70 million hands were supplied in 2007 and 80 million in 2008.

Replica Patek Philippe 5959R-001 Watch Reviews

  • Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph 5959R (5959R-001)

    I got this product few days ago and tried to figure it out how to use it for checking time. But I can only find one botton at the side of the watch however in the manual, there are two bottons to set up time and date. disappointed.Firsttraxx - From Bkk Bangkok

  • Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph 5959R (5959R-001)

    Very quick shipmentAella VALLET - From Hong Kong Hong Kong

  • Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph 5959R (5959R-001)

    This Patek Philippe watch is beautiful, much more than you can tell from the pictures. The way light reflects off the curves of the case and crystal is very attention-getting in a tasteful, minimalist way. Small details are perfect. It's definitely a bit modern.sean carbino - From Spain Jaen

  • Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph 5959R (5959R-001)

    It's about style or fashion. As a Digital Watch ... Excellent.Very large clear easy to see time day and date.Patek Philippe - good brand.Matthew Amaral - From USA Kirkland, Washington

  • Patek Philippe Split-Seconds Chronograph 5959R (5959R-001)

    I love this Patek Philippe Grand Complications watch.Nice and heavy quality of Pulsar and looks very pretty and classy. i would like to recommend to anybody.Nikki W - From Viet Nam Nam Dinh

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